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Advanced Custom Rod Building-Dale P. Clemens
A complete guide to making fiberglass, "S" glass, and graphite fishing rods. A post-graduate course in custom rod building. 296 pages full of useful information and many illustrations.
Catalog No. B-2 Hardcover
List Price $ 29.95

Advanced Fly Fishing for Steelhead
- Deke Meyer
All-color book explains the most effective fly fishing techniques for steelhead and the best contemporary flies to use. Full of fly tying help and material preparation suggestions. With the technique information and the fly patterns presented, you should be able to successfully fly fish for steelhead anywhere throughout the year.
Catalog No. B-580 Paperback
List Price $ 24.95

Advanced Fly Fishing Techniques
- Lefty Kreh
Included in Lefty's book are the new techniques in fly casting and advice on reading trout streams, with photographs and line drawings that will help you understand the behavior of fish, whether they're hiding, eating, or at rest. There's advice on hooking, fighting, landing, and releasing fish, with detailed drawings explaining exactly what you need to know.
Catalog No. B-556 Hardcover
List Price $ 25.00
Catalog No. B-707 Paperback
List Price $15.95
$ 12.80

Advanced Lake Fly Fishing: The Skillful Tuber
- Robert Alley
This book is full of information that will enhance your skills as a float tube fisherman. There are tips about selecting and then reading the lake, as well as cast and retrieve methods. Also features hard-core, successful lake fly fishing, with an excellent emphasis on what specific fly patterns work and in what situations.
Catalog No. B-494 Paperback
List Price $14.95
$ 12.00

A.K.'s Fly Box
-A.K. Best
Complete step-by-step Instructons from a tly tyer who does not feel comfortable about tying pattern until he's tied a hundred dozen of them.
Catalog No. B-409 Hardcover
List Price $ 40.00
$ 32.00

Alaska Flyfishing: The Call of the River
-Dan Heiner
Come along with Dan as he travels to many of Alaska's best rivers, lakes and streams - fly fishing for trophy rainbows, char, and graying A word of caution: This book will make you want to experience Alaska personally on the fly.
Catalog No. B-817 Paperback
List Price $14.95
$ 12.00

Alaska On the Fly
- Dan Heiner
This book focuses on the fly fishing to be found at Bristol Bay, Southcentral Alaska, and Wsstem Alaska with special attention paid to fly fishing for Alaska's wild rainbow trout.
Catalog No. B-749 Paperback
List Price $12.95
$ 10.35

Alpine Angler: A Fly Fisher's Guide to the Westem Wilderness
-John Shewey
Everything you need to know from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific about fishing methods, hatches, entomology, compass work and map sources.
Catalog No. B-763 Paperback
List Price $ 24.95
$ 20.00

American Bass Angling Guide
-Ed Lusch
This book has information on the top ten locations for bess fishing in each state. It covers location, fish types, best angling methods, boat launches, guides, lodges, baits, and lures....and the very best times to fish. Individual state maps and directions to fishing areas are included.
Catalog No. B-462 Paperback
List Price $15.95
$ 12.00

American Fly Fishing History-Paul Schullery
A rich history of fly fishing that is complete in every detail.
Catalog No. B930
Hardcover List Price $ 40.00
$ 32.00

American Fly Tying Manual-Dave Hughes
All 290 pattems are shown in full color, with tying instructions adjacent to each photo. Covers the best-producing North American flies, including the most popular dry, nymph, wet, streamer, stealhead, salmon, saltwater, bass, and panfish patterns. Fly pattern index for quick reference. Fishing tips for most fly patterns also included.
Catalog No. B-7 Paperback
List Price $ 9.95
$ 8.00

The American Nymph Fly Tying Manual
-Randall Kaufmann
Nymphs constitute 80-90% of the trout's normal diet, and if you know how to tie and fish nymphs, your success increases dramatically. This author has come up with an excellent reference book for fly tyers all over the United States.
Catalog No. B-9 Paperback
List Price $14.95
$ 12.00

An Angler's Guide to Aquatic Insects lmitations
-Rick Hafele & S. Roederer
Teaches the identification of the aquatic insects on which trout and other species of fish feed In userfriendly fashion, this book tells you how to collect insects, identify them, and choose fly patterns that match those of feeding trout. Explains the habits of the insects and how best to fish imitations of them. Fly patterns used to imitate the specific insects are given 6 X 9, 192 pgs.
Catalog No. B937 Paperback
List Price $ 15.95
$ 12.75

Another Lousy Day In Paradise- John Gierach
Whether he's weighing the pleasures and deprivations of fishing solo, explaining the finer points of preparing game, contemplating the guilty pleasures of fishing on private water, exploring various cures for flycaster's elbow, this is John Gierach at his wry and witty best, as addictive as the river itself Catalog No. B918
Hardcover List Price $ 22.00
$ 17.60

Angler's Yellow Pages- Outdoor Directors Group
A directory of worldwide recreational fishing resources, resorts, lodges, ranches, businesses, professional fishing guides and charterboats. This is thefirstand only comprehensive directory of recreational fishing businesses and service providers . A great gift idea for any avid angler.
Catalog No. B-821 Paperback
List Price $ 19.95
$ 16.00

Antique & Collectible Fishing Rods: Identification and Value Guide
- D.B. Homer
An authoritative identification and value guide to wood, splitbamboo, steel, and fiberglass rods Includes a history of fishing rod materials and construction, important design patents granted from 18751950, rod evaluation tips and analysis of rod defects and closeup photography of distinctive components. It is also a comprehensive value guide for 3 condition levels of antique rods. 8 1/2 X 11, 128 pgs.
Catalog No. B961 Paperback
List Price $ 19.95
$ 15.95

Antique & Collectible Fishing Reels: Identification, Evaluation and Maintenance- Harold Jellison & D.B. Homer
A broad range of reel types dating from 1860 to 1970 are pictured and discussed including baitcasting multipliers. single action fly reels, automatic fly reels, ocean (big game) reels, spinning and special use reels. Practical advice from experienced collectors is given as well as photographs, diagrams and patent drawings. There are collectible reel maintenance and repair tips, analysis of flaws and defects and a value guide with three ratings of condition included. 8 1/2 X11" 192 pgs.
Catalog No. B959 Paperback
List Price $ 23.95
$ 19.15

Aquatic Entomology-W. Patrick McCafferty
An up-to-date, easy-to-use introduction to the world of insects associated with aquatic environments. This book features: over 1,000 illustrations, including 124 full-color paintings, coverage of all insect families and genera important to fly fishing, and a host of other insect-related information written in a language that is accessible to the sports fisherman and naturalist.
Catalog No. B-468 Paperback
List Price $ 50.00
$ 40.00

The Art of Fly Tying
Claude Chartrand
Chartrand first introduces insects: what they look like to you and to the fish, and how to see how they grow, emerge and behave. From the basics to quite sophisticated tying techniques and materials, each section is accompanied by very clear, stepbystep drawings, and vivid fullcolor photographs of the finished flies. From the Anson Special to the Zug Bug, this is the fly tiers complete reference. 8 X 11, 206 pgs.
Catalog No. B947
Paperback List Price $ 24.95
$ 19.95

The Art of Fly Tying-John Van Vliet
You"Il learn step-by-step procedures for tying six different and popular fly pattems, including a streamer, nymph, dry fly, wet fly, terrestial and bass bug. Each pattern is followed by dozens of full*color photos of and recipes for popular fly patterns you can tie using the techniques you've learned; over two hundred classic and new patterns in all.
Catalog No. B-TSS
List Price $ 23.95

The Art of Fly Tying: An Angler's Complete Handbook and Kit
- Steve Probasco
Packed inside this handy kit is ail the essential startup equipment, including a steel flytying vise, hooks, thread, brass bobbin, and whip finisher. The book features stepbystep instructions and photographs on making the five basic flies for trout and panfish the Woolly Bugger, Dragonfly Nymph, Carev SDecial. Pheasant Tail Nymph, and Peacock Soft Hackle plus ideas for variations.
Catalog No. B901 Paperback
List Price $ 25.00
$ 20.00

The Art of the Classic Salmon Flv-Ken Sawada
This is one o the most sought after collector's fishing books. This exclusive edition with a black velvet cover is personally autographed by Ken Sawada. Limited quantities available! A wise investmentto anv fishino book collection
Catalog No. B470 Hardcover
List Price $ 585.00
$ 468.00

The Art of Trolling
- Ken Schultz
For beginners to experts, this outstanding guide covers such topics as downriggers, flat lines and sideplaners, sonar, lures, non-motor trolling, and othervital information on fishing for striped and black bass, muskellunge, walleye, salmon and trout.
Catalog No. B-873 Paperback
List Price $ 17.95

The Art of the Trout Fly-
Judith Dunham
This book captures the beauty and skill of one of the highest arts of fly fishing: the tying of flies. This superb collection of traditional and innovative flies contains the most distinctive and successful creations from 40 of the world's best fly tyers.
Catalog No. B-340 Hardcover
List Price $ 29.95
Catalog No. B-336 Paperback
List Price $18.95

The Art of Tying the Bass Fly
- Skip Morris
This book covers: essential techniques in bass fly tying, floating and sinking flies, divers, insects and crustaceans, panfish flies, plus the tools and materials you'll need for both. Bass flies are very popular for many reasons their durability and attractiveness and they are fun and challenging to tie!
Catalog No. B921
Hardcover List Price $ 39.95
$ 32.00
Catalog No. B914Spiral
Paperback List Price $ 29.95
$ 23.95

The Art of Tying the Dry Fly-Skip Morris
Contains all the information you need to tie the very best 100 dry flies - a dry fly for virtually any stream occasion you will meet.
Catalog No. B-681 Hardcover
List Price $ 39.95
$ 32.00
Catalog No. B-671 Paperback
List Price $ 29.95

The Art of Tying the Nymph
-Skip Morris
This is the finest book available for tying nymphs. Totally illustrated in color with over 400 step-by step photographs. Learn to tie all nymphs from simple to very complex. Ninety nymphs shown in color with dressings allow you to match virtually all naturals for any fishing situation. Large format stays open easily. Catalog No. B-684 Hardcover
List Price $ 39.95
$ 32.00
Catalog No. B-690 Paperback
List Price $ 29.95

The Art of Weaving Hair Hackles for Trout Flies
-George F. Grant
This do-it yourself book is devoted to the western art of weaving hair and fiber hackles for trout flies, together with instructions on the construction of fly body types that are distinctly western in construction of fly body types that are distinctly western in concept.
Catalog No. B-769 Spirale
List Price $ 20.00

The Atlantic SaImon
-Paul C. Marriner
This is one of the most comprehensive primers ever written on the subject of Atlantic salmon. The author begins by discussing the rudimentary biology of salmon, then progresses to wet and dry fly methods, flies, and finally, special problems the fisherman might encounter.
Catalog No. B-622 Hardcover
List Price $ 24.95

Atlantic Salmon Fishing
-Charles Phair
The author has wntten about his years of study and experimenting with varieties of rods, lines and flies.
Catalog No. B-865 Hardcover
List Price $ 39.95
$ 32.00

Atlantic Salmon Flies & Fishing
-Joseph D. Bates, Jr.
A new expanded edition of the authoritative study of how to tie and fish flies for Atlantic salmon. Included is a complete discussion of wet and dry fly methods as well as information on low-water tricks.
Catalog No. B-837 Hardcover
List Price $ 34 95

The Atlantic SaImon Fly-
Judith Dunham
Stunning full-color photographs show off the remarkable intricacy of these exquisite flies. Dressings or "recipes" for each fly are listed in an appendix. and an extensive bibliography tracing the Atlantic salmon fly's history is also included.
Catalog No. B-500 Hardcover
List price $ 39.95
$ 32.00

Backcountry Fly Fishing in Salt Water
- Doug Swisher & Carl Richards
The first full-length treatment of the fishing possibilities in the contained areas of coastal river, lakes, estuanes, and canals. There are chapters on tides, the habits of the major beckcountry gamefish, forage foods and how to imitate them. tackle and tcols, and presentation.
Catalog No. B-729 Hardcover
List Price $ 29.95

The Bamboo Rod & How to Build It
- Claude M. Kreider
In this book the author passes on his own special techniques for building beautiful, pliant bemboo flyrods. His contagious enthusiasm makes every step of this fascinating hobby simple and fool proof.
Catalog No. B-629 Paperback
List Price $15.95
$ 13.00

Bamboo Rod Restoration Handbook
- Dick Spurt
Covers all phases and aspects of restonng classic cane rods. Also includes the most comprehensive guide ever assembled to the original specifications of a broad vanety of bemboo rods. Deluxe wire bound format for easy reference.
Catalog No. B-761 Paperback
List Price $ 25.00

Basic Fly Tying
- Ed Koch & Norm Shires
This book illustrates the process of fly tying using 300 detailed sequence photographs accompanied by specific, thorough captions that take the resder through each step of tying. All the basic tools and techniques are covered, such as making a half hitch, tying on tails and wings, and the different uses of various materials.
Catalog No. B-407 Paperback
List Price $19.95

The Basic Manual of Fly Tying -Revised Edition-Fling & Puterbaogh
This bestseller has been thorougly revised. Its still the easiest book on the subject for beginners, and the most intriguing guide for veteran fly-tyers. You get a complete rundown on which of the old standby materials are still es good es ever, along with some new pattens.
Catalog No. B-26 Paperback
List Price $16.95

Bass Flies- Dick Stewart
Now styles of flies and fly tying techniques which have raised the tying and fishing of bass flies to new levels. All flies are fully illustrated in color, and even step-by-step tying sequences are in full color. The types of bass flies covered are frogs, eelworms. crayfish, soulpins, leeches, poppers, moths, and zonkers. Full and complete coverage is given to using deer body hair, including techniques for spinning, stacking, packing, and trimming hair bodies.
Catalog No. B-342 Paperback
List Price $12.95
$ 10.40

Bass on the Fly
- A.D. Livingston
The author will help any trout fisherman make a quick and happy transition to bass and also help all good spin and baitcasting bass fishermen learn the pleasures and great practicality of fly fishing for this great gamefish.
Catalog No. B768
Paperback List Price $ 16.95
$ 13.55

Bass and Panfish- Scientific Anglers
A magazine publication from Scientific Anglers.
Catalog No. SA-64307
List Price $ 2.95

Bassin' with a Fly Rod
The author unravels some of the barriers that face the fly-rod bass fisherman - whether a new convert from spinning and baitcasting or a trout fly fisherman in new water.
Catalog No. B-762 Hardcover
List Price $22.50

The Battenkill
- John Merwin
Full of lore, fascinating history, and shrewd fishing advice for this great river. The Battenkill will delight anyone interested in rivers, natural history.
Catalog No. B-670 Hardcover
List Price $22.95

The Beaverkill: The History of a River and Its People- Ed Van Put
This engrossing book chronicles the river's history, offering portraits of the men and women who affected its life and its development as a fishery. 8 1/8 X 10 1/4, 320 pgs.
Catalog No. B973
Hardcover List Price $ 35.00
$ 28.00

Big Indian Creek- Dave Hughes
This book is the author's observations and reflections on what he saw and what he thought during a week's vacation in the wilderness. At the end of his trip, Hughes found a renewed sense of satisfaction with his life.
Catalog No. B888
Hardcover List Price $ 19.95
$ 15.95

Cathy Beck's Fly-FIshing Handbook - Cathy Beck
Covers all the basic elements of fly fishing from selection of tackle, clothing, accessories; techniques of casting, and the spirit and ethics of the sport, with special notes on women fly fishers, one of the fastest-growing segments of the fishing world.
Catalog No. B-859 Hardcover
List Price $ 24.95

The Beginning FlyTyer Instruction Book-Jim Bainbridge

This clearly-written, concise text contains 160 detailed photos, offering "easy- to-follow' progreseive tying instructions for 35 popular patterns. Pattern assortment is 15 dry, 5 streamer, and 15 wet/nymph.
Catalog No. B-334 Paperback
List Price $ 4.95
$ 4.00

The Best of Hook & Bullet
- W. Hardbark McLoughlin
Outrageous hunting hoaxes and fishing frauds from a magazine that never existed. Anyone who loves a good outdoor magazine and a good shaggy dog story around a campfire will need to have this remarkable spoof.
Catalog No. B 862 Paperback
List Price $ 22.95
$ 18.40

Best Trout Flies
- Robert Alley
Alley gives general information about nymphs, streamers/ bucktails, wets and dries, the pattern, plus the best fishing techniques for each fly discussed. He also gives rod weight recommendations and an easytoreference chart of the 40 best trout patterns. Take the guess work out of your next trout fishing trip, this book as all the answers. Color fly plates, 5 1/2 X 8 1/2, 68 pgs.
Catalog No. B948
Paperback List Price $ 8.95
$ 7.15

Better Bass Angling - Larry Larsen
Knowing the predominant forage, its activity and availability, as well as its location in a body of water, will enable an angler to catch more and larger bass. Whether you fish artificials or live bait, you'Il love these books.
Volume I Cat. No. B-452 PB
List Price $ 9.95
$ 8.00
Volume II Cat. No. B-453 PB
List Price $ 9.95
$ 8.00

Beyond Trout: A Flyfishing Guide
- Barry Reynolds and John Berryman
Break away from crowded trout streams and fish in warm water rivers. municipal reservoirs and farm ponds Much exciting and unexploited fly fishing exists close to home. From walleye to 10 pound carp, the authors show you how to take advantage of the lesserknown fisheries in your area. 6 X 9. 176 pgs.
Catalog No. B935
Paperback List Price $ 16.95
$ 13.55

Big Water-Poems by John Engels
These thoughtful poems touch upon the discipline of fly fishing and the fascination it holds, the lives of people close to earth, family, beauty, growing old, and death.
Catalog No. B-804 Paperback
List Price $16.95
$ 13.60

Billfish on a Fly -Jack Samson

The first fly fishing book ever done about challenging billfish. Fish around the world in full color photographs and learn the techniques, the flies, the equipment and the places for these exciting gamefish.
Catalog No. B-796 Hardcover
List Pdce $ 39.95
$ 32.00

Black Bass and the Fly Rod-Charles Waterman

Outlines everything you need to know about base bugs, including history, modifications, recent inventions, and casting techniques. Waterman teaches all the tools - rods, reels, lines, and types of flies and lures necessery to fly fish for base. Readers also learn about bass flies, streamers and tying techniques.
Catalog No. B-600 Hardcover
List Price $19.95

Blue Chip Flies -
William C. Black
A Practical guide to choosing & fishing the most productive trout patterns.
Catalog No. B-814 Paperback
List Price $10.95
$ 8.75

Bluewater Fly Fishing
-Trey Combs
The flrst major book devoted exclusively to the exciting world of big-game fly fishing. Each gamefish has it's own chapter including a history aswell as important up-to-the-minute chapters on tackle and technique and a major section on bluewater flies and poppers. A must have for all saltwater fly fisherman.
Catalog No. B-811 Hardcover
List Price $ 60.00

The Bonefish-George Reiger

Collected together here for the first time some of the most interesting bonefish pieces from the first written accounts of its capture on hook and line, up to the beginning of the broad popuiarization of fly fishing the fiats with Jos Brooks. This collection describes some remarkable encounters with this often misunderstood fish by some very adventurous anglers. Limited slipcase collectors edition.
Catalog No. B-678 Hardcover
List Price $ 50.00

Bonefish * Tarpon * Permit Fly Fishing Guide
- Al Raychand
In this book Al covers the "big three" bonefish, tarpon and permit including a history and description of each, the best destinations for each fish, the most productive flies and techniques, knots and more! 8 1/2X 11, 80pgs.
Catalog No. B495
Paperback List Price $ 24.95
$ 19.95

Bonefish Fly Patterns-Dick Brown
This book contains 150coior photographs one for each featured pattern. Each fly profile is listed with its creator's authentic recipe and tying tips. Also included are comprehensive tying sequences for important patterns, a discussion of design treads, a materials glossary, and a list of sourcesfor materials, custom flies, and off-the-shelf patterns.
Catalog No. B-810 Hardcover
List Price $ 45.00
$ 36.00

Bonefishing with a Fly-Randall Kaufmann

Explains bonefishing techniques and provides valuable insight into the wonderful and sometimes mysterious world of bonefish. Begining with natural history, physical characteristcs, angling history and distribution, the reader progresses to types and geography of flats, weather and movements of bonefish, tides, food sources, choosing a fly, spotting and stalking, hooking, landing and releasing, and the fly pattems.
Catalog No. B-591 Hardcover
List Price $ 39.95
$ 32.00
Catalog No. B-586 Paperback
List Price $ 26.95

A Book on Angling
-Francis Francis
Published in 1867, this reprint of the second edition is revised and expanded. The five fine colored plates of flies and importanttextare by a man many regard as the most knowledgeable fly collector and angler of the 19th century.
Catalog No. B466 Hardcover
List Price $ 39.95
$ 31.95

The Book of Fly Pattems
-Eric Leiser
Using the designs of the best flytyers, past and print, this lavishly-Illustrated compendium gives us recipes forthe moat effective and popular fresh and saltwater flies, with professional tips that give the tyer everything he needs to know in order to dress the pattern in the manner intended by its originator. Covers more than 1,000 patterns, and includes a useful chapter on different types of hooks. 12 full color pages, combined with over 550 drawings and photographs, help to create a reference guide that belongs on every fly tyer's bench.
Catalog No. B-263 Hardcover
List Price $ 50.00
$ 40.00

The Book of Outdoor Knots
-Peter Owen
This meticulously illustrated handbook describes 70 of the most common knots for the outdoors, showing in clear, step-by-step line drawings each phase of the properly tied knot. Perhaps most importantly, the book explains precisely which knot to use in each specific situation.
Catalog No. B-643 Paperback
List Price $12.95
$ 10.40

The Book of the Tarpon
-Thomas McGuane
This is a 1995 reprint of the 1911 classic written by S.W. Dimock with an added forward by Thomas McGuane and an introduction by Lefty Kreh. It is a classic account of tarpon fishing along the Florida coast with extraordinary photographs of leaping tarpon.
Catalog No. B-802 Hardcover
List Price$45.00
$ 36.00

The Borger Color System-Gary Borger

Contains 147 color chips reprinting the colors of the fish's food organisms, so that matching the hatch is now simple, fun, and more effective. Printed with waterproof inks on water-resistant coated paper so that it can be taken on stream. Also contains millimeter, inch, and hook scales to measure food organisms, and a pad to record data useful to the angler.
Catalog No. BCS
List Price $ 5.95
$ 4.80

Building Classic Salmon Flies
-Ron Alcott
First the author reviews the materials used and also discusses the colors used by classic tyers and recommends eighteen basic colors for today'styers. 81 photographs and step by step instructions takes the reader through the building of five classic flies. Dressings for 32 more flies are also included.
Catalog No. B469 Hardcover
List Pnce $ 35.00
$ 28.00

Bug Making: A Thorough Guide to Making and Tying Floating Bugs for all Gamefish-Bluegill to Billfish
-C. Boyd Pfeiffer
This book fills a distinct gap in fly-tying literature - the making and tying of all types of floating bugs. It covers everything from panfish poppers to smallmouth sliders, trout terrestrials to bill fish bugs, saltwater skippers to pike poppers. The emphasis is on easy but effective construction, using all the important materials available today: deer hair, soft closed-cell foam, cork, balsa, PVC and EVA foams, Ethafoam, hard molded foams, cut and molded foam and even esoteric material such as turkey quills and surfboards.
Catalog No. B-660 Hardcover
List Price $ 22.95

Byron Dalrmple on Trout Fishing
-Byron Dalrymple
This book is neither aimed at the elitist nor the bait dunker, but has a look at all aspects of the world of trout, both general methods and species. The author's desires to try it all. Throughout the book, he makes it seem so easy to catch trout.
Catalog No. B-623 Hardcover
List Price $17.95

Gary LaFontaine
This book - which is the fruit of ten years of intensive study -introduces new, tested, and better patterns that impreseionistioally and effectively imitate the live insect. It also includes detailed instructions on how to best fish larval, pupal, and adult flies - strategies, tactics, and proven techniques.
Catalog No. B-34 Hardcover
List Price $ 35.00

California Blue Ribbon Trout Streams
-Dale Lackey & Bill Sunderland
This book's authors explore all the finest waters and help you with suggestions as to how, when, and where to fish them. Each stream is accompanied by an in-depth map. This is an all-color guidebook with over 70 scenic photographs printed on heavy, glossy paper.
Catalog No. B-615 Paperback
List Price $19.95

California Fly Tying and Fishing Guide
-Ken Hanley
Intended as a reference tool for selecting appropriate fly patterns and sizes for the varied habitats and gamefish of California. Twelve different habitats and their unique waters are represented.
Catalog No. B-522 Paperback
List Price 14.95
$ 12.00

California's Smith River-George Burdick

With its rugged beauty the Smith has a lot more to offer than just gorgeous scenery, it also produces some of the largest steelhead and chinook on the Pacific coast.
Catalog No. B-706 Paperback
List Price $ 9.95
$ 8.00

The Cast
-Ed Jaworowski
A modem method of casting for up-to-date gear and tackle designed to help any angler - man, woman, or child, novice or advanced - cast more simply and easily.
Catalog No. B-M,7 Hardcover
List Pdce $ 34.95

Cast Again: Tales of a Fly Fishing Guide
-Jennifer Olsson
A collection of essay's from a woman's life built around fly fishing and the aesthetics, ethics, beauty, and rhythms of the days thatdefine the angling life. CastAgain will appeal immensely to all fly fishers, but especially to the legions of women just discovering the sport.
Catalog No. B-863 Hardcover
List Price $ 22.95

Catskill Rivers: Birthplace of American Fly Fishing
- Austin M Francis
A definitive study of the Beaverkill, the Willowemoc, the Neversink, the Delaware, The Esopus and the Schoharie and the remarkable people who created the American flyfishing tradition 8 1/2 X 11, 356 pgs.
Catalog No. B943
Hardcover List Price $ 40.00
$ 32.00

Chalkstream Chronicle-Neil Patterson
An engaging memoir by a man who gave up a sixty hour work week in London to live an angler's dream near a great trout river.
Catalog No. B-406 Hardcover
List Price $ 35.00

Chalk Stream Salmon &Trout-Charles Bingham

Fishing! The author traces each spring fed river in the chalk country of England and provides full color photos and mapo that document useful information for the newcomers and veterans alike about these waters.
Catalog No. B-747 Hardcover
List Price $35.00

Chauncy Lively's Flybox: A Porfolio of Trout Flies

40 of his best patterns - ready to tie and fish. Packed with up-close, step-by-step photos, and detailed tying instructions for stonefly, mayfly dun and spinner, nymph, midge, and caddis patterns to match hatches all across trout country. All of them feature his inventive use of matedais and techniques, and all of them catch trout.
Catalog No. B-552 Paperback
List Price $18.95

Bob Church's Guide to New Fly Patterns
-Bob Church
Church introduces over 400 new flies and describes each one in detail, including dressing and comments as to when each is best used and how to fish it effectively. Color photographs that highlight the details of the flies.
Catalog No. B-700 Paperback
List Price $ 24.95

Classic & Antique FlyFishing Tackle
- A J. Campbell
Features indepth coverage of tradtional gear fromthe 1860's to the 1920's, and affordable producion tackle from the 1930's through the 1960's. Campbell discusses the history, design, consruction, fishing characteristics, and identification of important gear, and offers tips on future collectibles. 8 1/2 X 11, 360 pgs.
Catalog No. B972
Hardcover List Price $ 50.00
$ 40.00

Classic Bamboo Rodmakers Past & Present - Dick Spurr
This book presents the best in bamboo rodmakers from Lyle Dickerson to Wes Jordan and others.
Catalog No. B628 Paperback
List Price $14.95
$ 12.00

The Classic Guide to Fly-Fishing for Trout
- Charles Jardine
The most comprehensive of fly-fishing books, covering all aspects of the sport, from choosing the right rod to perfecting the conservationists Catch-and-Release method. It is the ultimate handbook for all fly-fisherman's bookshelves.
Catalog No. B-654 Hardcover
List Price $ 40.00
$ 32.00

Classic Salmon Flies - History and Patterns
- Mikael Frodin
This book presents 165 specially-selected and fully-dressed classic salmon flies in words and pictures. lt also shows both their original patterns and different varients. This book is a source of inspiration for all fishermen, especially those who are intrigued by the old tying masters and how they fished with their flies in famous waters.
Catalog No. B-550 Paperback
List Price $19.95
$ 18.00

Classic Salmon Fly Dressings
-Ken Sawada
Includes some of the exquisite photography and patterns that the rare black velvet edition of "Art of the Classic Salmon Fly" features. This book also features new and updated salmon fly patterns. Limited copies still available.
Catalog No. B-727 Hardcover
List Price $167.00

The Colonial Angler's Manual of Flyfishing & Flytying
-Ken Reinard
An Illustrated history of flyfishing gear, antique fly patterns and fishing techniques from colonial times to today's angler. Step-by-step flytying directions using period material is also featured.
Catalog No. B-823 Paperback
List Price 19.95
$ 16.00

The Colorado Angling Guide
-Chuck Fothergill & Bob Sterling
This is a guide book for the fisherman and his family, jam-packed with an abundance of interesting information about Colorado: its past, its present, ifs mountains, rivers and lakes. The authors have highlighted the state's finest trout fishing waters with concise text and original, two color, fold-out maps. They've parsonally fished the waters and interviewed knowledgeable anglers throughout the state to bring together facts vital to all fishermen planning a trip to Colorado.
Catalog No. B607 Paperback
List Price $ 27.95

Colorado Classic Cane: A History of the Colorado Bamboo
Rod Makers - Dick Spurr & M. Sinclair
Any collector will be fascinated with the information presented in this book. The authors have done an outstanding job researching and writing the material that is typically brushed over in cane rod history.
Catalog No. B-626 Paperback
List Price $16.95

The Complete Book of Fly Fishing, 2nd Edition
- Tom McNally
Combining McNally pithy prose with stepbystep illustration from noted artist angler Tom Beecham, this book teaches every aspect of fly fishing.
Catalog No. B693 Hardcover
List Price $ 29.95
$ 23.95

Complete Book of Fly Tying-Eric Leiser
Leiser's original manual of fly tying. Contains expert knowledge on the subject, as well as many tips for better results. There's something in this book for everyone.
Catalog No. B-44 Hardcover
List Price $ 27.50

Complete Book of Western Hatches
- Dave Hughes & Rick Hafele
Besides teaching you about the major families of insects upon which fly fishing is built, Hughes and Hafele depict with tables when the various species of insects hatch throughout the year. Specific fly pattems are suggested to imitate the real insects. Contains 365 photos and 41 illustrations; 24 color plates demonstrate all the major insect families in various stages of development as foods for trout. Fly tying instructions are given for each.
Catalog No. B.45 Paperback
List Price $ 24.95

The Complete Fly Identifier: The Complete Guide to Insects and Artificials
- Georqe C. McGavin & Stephen C. Simpson
This indispensable guide reveals the secrets of angling insects and how to mimic their behaviors. Following a review of various angling environments and the fish and insects that inhabit them, the book details more than 100 of the most popular and successful flies. Each entry contains an insect profile outlining its appearance and behavior, along with a color photograph. An accompanying fly profile explains the materials required to make the fly, along with tips on how to fish it. 4 3/ 4 X 8 5/16, 192 pgs.
Catalog No. B946
Hardcover List Price $19.95
$ 15.95

The Complete Guide to the Salmon River - George Douglas
This is the best investment you could make if you're planning a trip to the Salmon River. This book includes the history of the river, techniques for stealhead salmon and brown trout, and aerial photos and maps. The best kept secrets about the Salmon river are revealed in this book.
Catalog No. B-701 Paperback
List Pnce $ 22.95

Concise Handbook of Fly Tying
- Skip Morris
Skip has packed a large amount of information into this small full color book, including the most necessary fly tying tools, standard materials, the proper hooks, fly tying techniques, tactics and common terminology, stepbystep instruction for tying a nymph and a dry fly, plus patterns for some of today's most productive flies.
Catalog No. B886
Paperback List Price $ 7.95
$ 6.35

Curtis Creek Manifesto-Sheridan Anderson
A fully-illustrated, tongue-in-cheek guide to the strategy, finesse, tactics, and paraphernalia of fly fishing. An entertaining way to learn the sport.
Catalog No. B-50 Paperback
List Price $ 6.95
$ 5.55

The Custom Graphite Fly Rod -
Skip Morris
This guide describes the rod building process, from selecting components wisely for specific fishing needs to handsome finishing. There are chapters on reel seats, cork grips, and thread wraps; and Morris has added an important chapter on how to make all of the important repairs that, sooner or later, a fly rod requires.
Catalog No. B-320 Hardcover
List Price $ 24.95
$ 20.00

Custom Rod Thread Art
-Dale Clemens
This book is a response to the endless search for new patterns and an in-depth exploration of design and advanced thread techniques Over 100 separate patterns, never before published, are pictured with step-by-step wrapping instructions and 24 different "design variations".
Catalog No. B-858 Hardcover
List Price $ 29.95
$ 24.00

Dances with Trout
- John Gierach
Gierach roams from Alaska to Texas to Scotland in search of good fishing and even better fish stories. He has perspective observations to make about such quintessential experiences as getting lost, anticipating a storm, fishing at night, and taking part in a fishing contest - a contest whose rules specified "normal fishing conditions," which to him means fishing with a mild hangover.
Catalog No. B-677 Paperback
List Price $ 21.00
$ 16.80

Darwin's Bass
-Paul Quinnett
This sequel to Paviov's Trout offers a new understanding about yourself. If fishing has hooked a man or woman you love, it is loaded with insight into the motivation that send them out on the water Either way, Darwin's Bass will hook you with its light-hearted humor and uplifting philosophy. Chances are, you'll find you have more in common with the fishes than you suspected.
Catalog No. B 880 Hardcover
List Price $ 24 .95
$ 19.95
Catalog No. B-874 Paperback
ListPrice $ 14.95
$ 11.95

Peter Deane's Guide to Fly Tying
-Peter Deane
Starting with the most basic techniques, the author guides the reader through each stage of fly tying, for each pattern with precise, numbered instructions and corresponding step-by-step diagrams. Included are classic dry flies, May flies, wet flies, nymphs and salmon flies, along with a list of materials used for each part of the fly, and a color photograph.
Catalog No. B-651 Paperback
List Price $ 24.95
$ 19.95

Designing Trout Flies
- Gary Borger
In this delightfully insightful book, Gary tells you how to recognize that "just-right fly" for both opportunistically and selsctively feeding trout. He presents a stimulating and highly-informative discussion of those characteristics of the food organisms that trigger the trout's feeding response, and then shows you how to use this information to become a more successful fly fisherman.
Catalog No. B-469 Hardcover
List Price $ 27.95
$ 22.35
Catalog No. B475 Paperback
List Price $19.95
$ 15.95

Desolation Wilderness Fishing Guide
- Jerry Yesavage
Contains specific information about access to the 100 lakes just west of Lake Tahoe in California. Covers the type of fish you will find, the best seasons to fish certain lakes, where fish may be found in the lakes, and crucial tips about angling tactics and strategies important for the novice and expert alike.
Catalog No. B-718 Paperback
List Price $12.95
$ 10.40

The Dettes - A Catskill Legend
- Eric Leiser
264 pages encompass two books in one. Book I tells their story and the historic evolvement of fly fishing in the region of the world-famous Catskill streams. Book II preserves forever the techniques used by the masters when tying their exquisite flies. Here, step-by-step photographs and drawings show us the methods they use in tying their world-renowned pattems. A two-page color plate of their flies divides Book I and II.
Catalog No. B-E60 Hardcover
List Price $ 35.00
$ 28.00

Do It Yourseft Rod Building
-Bill Stinson
Instructional photos with copy make custom rod building easy for beginners. From securing the reel seat to wrapping the guides, all is shown. Includes separate chapters on building fly, spin, casting, and steelhead rods and guide spacing measurements for all types of rods.
Catalog No. B-E3 Paperback
List Price $ 8.95
$ 7.15

Dream Fish and Road Trips
- E. Donnall Thomas Jr
The author takes us along to some of the world's great places, fishing for species as regal as Alaskan king salmon, as humble as a Missouri River walleye, and as mysterious as the red weke.
Catalog No. B891
Hardcover List Price $22.95
$ 18.35

Drift Boat Fly Fishing - Neale Steeks
The author explains the teamwork involved in drift boat fishing and other information including hatches, techniques, fishing in a crowd, seasons, tactics, tackle, flies and much more.
Catalog No. B-794 Paperback
List Price $ 34.95
$ 28.00

Dry Fly Fishing
- Dave Hughes
With full color photographs and in-depth text, Dave Hughes covers tackle, dry fly selection, dry fly casting techniques, fishing dry flies on moving water, lakes and ponds, hatches and matching patterns. Also included are 60 of the best dry flies in color with the fly dressings.
Catalog No. B-721 Paperback
List Price $15.95
$ 12.75

The Dry Fly-New Angles
-Gary LaFontaine
Gary LaFontaine. through ten years of study and research, has figured out how - and why - trout respond to all the major dry fly types. Of course, as one of the major innovators in American fly tying. he also introduces new flies of his own. It's all of this understanding. wrapped up into a Theory of Imitation and a Theory of Attraction, that makes this book so complete. Everything an angler needs to know for picking the best fly on the stream.
Catalog No. B-437 Hardcover
List Price $ 39.95
$ 32.00

Dyeing and Bleaching Natural Fly-Tying Materialis
- A.K. Best
A.K. Best explores the equipment and supplies needed foraccurate and safe dying and bleaching - most of them commonly available. Chapters include: body feathers, bucktails, deer and elk body, squirrel and calf tails, furs, bleaching, dye recipes, color removal, stripping quills, and fur blending. An indispensable book for all fly tyers who want more precise colors.
Catalog No. B-648 Hardcover
List Price $ 24.95
$ 20.00

- Doug Swisher & Carl Richards
The authors examine the important emergences of trout-stream insects and include many fascinating and effective new fly patterns and fishing techniques.
Catalog No. B-484 Hardcover
List Price $ 22.95
$ 18.35

The Essence of Fly Casting
-Mel Krieger
Mel Krieger stands beside the reader and explains, encourages and exhorts. Starting with how to grasp the rod and concluding with techniques for making 100-feet casts, he coaches complete beginners and experts alike through the essence of good flycasting. He give the caster step-by-step instructions, communicates the feel of a correct cast, and explains the "whys" of good flycasting.
Catalog No. B-427 Hardcover
List Price $ 24.95
$ 20.00

The Estuary Flyfisher
- Steve Raymond
Steve shares his 25+ years of experience fishing estuaries. You will learn: characteristics of estuaries, what species inhabit these waters, the best tackle and tactics, the nature of tides, and the most productive flies.
Catalog No. B920
Hardcover List Price $ 39.95
$ 31.95
Paperback List Price $ 29.95
$ 23.95

Everyone's Illustrated Guide to Trout on a Fly- R. Chris Halla
In the style of the phenomenally popular Curtis Creek Manifesto, this delightfully written and illustrated book gives basic information useful for all trout fly fishers, including a history, proper clothing, miscellaneous necessities. rods. reels. lines, knots, casting techniques, trout food, best flies, reading water, tactics, safety. trout descriptions, catch and release and conservation. 8 1/2 X 11, 96 pgs.
Catalog No. B956
Paperback List Price $ 10.95
$ 8.75

Experience the World of Shad Fishing- Lenox Dick
Shad fishing is loads of fun and can often be fast and furious This book covers: a history and biology of shad, equipment. flies, darts, lures and how to make them, stream and bank fishing, fish finders, where to go and more.
Catalog No. B945
Paperback List Price $ 7.95
$ 6.35
$ 14.35

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