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 Catskill Fly Tyer's Guild

The best $10. Flyfishing membership around. And a great patch.

Wednesday, 04/26/2017  updated 6:00 EDT

  fox den 

Presently we are not in operation due to illness.

Fox Den previous editions


Spey Flies A basic primer on this great style, with extensive tying instructions.

The old page listing of FlyBuy can be reached by clicking HERE. Note that these page listings are showing as a convienience only, and the pricing on them have not been kept current.

FFN backlog of articles are now available on the web, instead of having to connect to the FirstClass Server. Check 'em out, as there's some very good info there.



C.Pain Bamboo Fly Rods are here, and looking great. Prorotype on 101, 7.5' 2p, 2t 5 wt., is over and production rods are excellent. If you've always wondered about the bamboo mystique, save your $'s because you'll never have a better chance to try it. Check out the link.
Introductory Special 299.- In stock.- 2 available @ this pricing.. List Price 650.
C.Pain model- 201. 3 piece, 8', 5 wt. List price 750. Super Special- one 201 will be available for 325. for a review basis. Presently sold out.

Water Master Float Boats less an additional 30%, for a net price of less 30%. From user's we find these Water Masters to be the safest, most versitile single fly fisher's tool for covering water.
The new V Hull model reinforces Water Masters leading reputation in this area.

Windmill Survival Lighters. Take an additional 5% off for a total of 25% off.

  Fly Tying 


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  Streaming Media 

Great Streaming video for those with DSL or better reception.
QuickTime Player needed. Available here free.

John Pytka's Spey Fishing on the PM.

John Pytka's Penn's Creek.

Brown Trout -Agreat underwater sequence. You've got to see what you can get from it alone. We'll help you later..

Vintagers - great shotgun show, where the participants have the most fun. (1st lightly edited copy) .

Brainwaves Flyback. An early sales video for a neat product. .

Brown Trout rising to tricos- from underwater.

How to service an Edward Vom Hofe Fly Reel.

A first- Chinook taking a Fly

Tom Hoving discusses fine art frauds.

Initial Advantures with an underwater camera..

Every Salt water angler should experience this- by Bob Woolley

Nor Vise - the only fly tying vise that can actually spin on dubbing, and is by far the fastest. We've known Norm and his sporting spirit for many years and the Nor is one of our favorites..

Water Master Kick Boats. We use 'em. .


Salmon River, NY.

West.-Put county, NY .

Catskill rivers.

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Hardy Reels


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